Picture Frame Safety & Security Hardware For Residential Use

$ 39.99

Increase Security and Improve Safety with our Picture Frame Security Hardware

Our T-lock Frame Security Hardware is the top choice for hotels, museums, hospitals, large commercial buildings, outdoor common areas, offices, and even homes for mounting artwork and heavy frames Safely and Securely.

Why You Need Frame Security T-Lock Picture Hanging Hardware

Just about everyone can think of a time where a beloved photograph or work of art has come crashing to the ground. Whether due to an accident, or the weight of the picture slowly but surely wearing away the nail hole in the drywall—the damage created can be devastating. Even if the wall or flooring is not damaged, a fallen frame can cause injury to those whose path it collides with.

Aside from damage, you may also be searching for an anti-theft picture hanging hardware system. With the Frame T-lock security picture hangers, you can rest assured that you have a sturdy hold—because your pictures are locked in place.

This means that your frames will not jiggle, cannot be knocked out of place—and cannot be removed because they are locked in place on the wall.


Frame Security Hardware T-Lock—Perfect For Both Home And Business

Our T-lock security hangers can be ordered for home, business, or commercial use—and are fast and easy to install. Our T-lock system works on both wood and aluminum frames, and are fast and easy to install!

On top of that, our T-locks can be used indoors, outdoors, are perfect for sliding walls and doors. The can even be used in earthquake zones, windy areas, or on boats, spacecraft, and aircraft.

Some of the most common uses for the frame T-lock sec


urity picture hangers include:

  • Artwork 
  • Framed Photographs 
  • Posters 
  • Mirrors 
  • Personal Accolades 
  • Professional Accolades 
  • Required Permits And Licenses 
  • Hanging Framed Items Outdoors 
  • Hanging Framed Items On The Ceiling 
  • Hanging Framed Items On An Uneven/Slanted Wall 
  • Hanging Framed Items On Moving Elements 
  • And For Hanging Many Of Your Other Framed Items!


 Increased Security

The T-lock system makes it impossible to remove any of your framed items without our T-lock wrench. This removal process would draw unwanted attention to anyone trying to sneak away with your valuable framed items—making our picture hanging hardware an inexpensive anti-theft solution.

Improved Safety

No more worries of your frames crashing to the ground and injuring your clients, pets, or kids. Our security picture hangers can also be part of your earthquake preparedness plan.