Instructions for Frame Security Hardware


  1. Position 2 plates so they are evenly spaced on the top of the frame, able to support frame.  Position plates at least 1/2" from edges so as not to be seen.  Use 1/2" screws to attach plates.  Fasten third plate in the center of the bottom of the frame.
  2. Position frame on the wall and mark where brackets should be located, based on position of plates on top of frame.  By pressing the plates into the wall, the plate ridges will leave marks on most types of wall surfaces.
  3. Attach brackets to wall using 2 short anchors and 1" screws.  Place frame on brackets, insuring proper support.  Brackets will slide into the space between frame and top plate.
  4. Now, press bottom plate into wall, to mark its location.  Remove frame from wall.  Using long plastic anchor, insert T-screw until it extends 1/2" out of the wall.  Re-hang frame on brackets, tilting the bottom of the frame away from wall in order to see T-screw.  Align "T" head so that it fits into corresponding slot in bottom plate.  
  5. While the frame should be nearly flush to wall, a little space between frame and wall is normal.
  6. From below the picture frame, turn "T" screw 90 degrees using special "T-Lock" wrench.  Frame is now secure.




  1. Brackets support frame by hooking into top of frame extrusion
  2. T screw locks bottom of frame to wall.
  3. Notice how the T shaped part of the screw fits into the bottom extrusion only one way.
  4. Once T fits into track, you then turn the T screw ¼ turn.
  5. T shape will then go across width of track, locking frame to wall.
  6. Only the T wrench can lock and unlock the frame.
*not all included parts are required for use with metal frames.