Frames can be heavy, meaning your works of art may be a safety concern. Minimize your risk with frame security picture hanging hardware!

Even if the artwork and framed pieces hanging in your home, or throughout your place of business are not of overwhelming value—you may be concerned about how securely they are mounted to the wall. It is for this reason that many are turning to the frame security picture hangers to ensure that both their wooden and metal frames are properly mounted—and that they will stay put.

A Secure Option For Heavier Works Of Art

If you find yourself searching for a secure method of hanging heavier works of art, or even fragile works of art that will be destroyed if they are ever knocked off of the wall—then our picture hanging hardware is just what you need.

Our security picture hangers come standard with drywall anchors to provide you with maximum stability, and the T-lock system ensures that your artwork will not wobble or fall.

Overtime Nails Will Fail

Even if a frame is fairly lightweight, over time the nail will slowly but surely begin to create a larger hole in your drywall. This is why framed pictures sometimes come crashing down from the walls. If you are searching for a stronger, safer, and more secure alternative—look no further!

Clumsy Kids Or Accidental Disturbance

Whether you have rambunctious kids and pets in your home, or are a business owner who wants to hang framed art or documents in a high-traffic area—you may be searching for a system that will protect your framed art and photos from accidental disturbance. Even if you want to hang a collage or group of frames lower to the ground than standard, our T-lock picture hanging hardware is the way to go. Even if someone accidentally knocks right into it—your frames won’t budge.

A Responsible And Proactive Approach To Safety

When a framed photo falls off the wall, a damaged frame and work of art are not your only concern. This is because the frame, glass, and even the artwork can cause damage to your home or business—and can injury anyone passing by when it comes crashing down. This makes our picture hanging hardware ideal for kid’s rooms, high traffic areas, moving walls and doors, outdoor areas subject to wind and rain--even the ceiling. Our T-lock system can even be part of your earthquake preparedness plan!

Fast And Easy To Install

This unique anti-theft system is fast and easy to install, and can use to hang both wooden and aluminum frames. All you need to install your security picture hangers is a drill—and your preferred hanging accessories such as a level and a ladder. The system comes with everything else you need—T-screws, frame brackets, drywall anchors, and the anti-theft T-lock wrench.

Our picture hanging hardware system is designed to accommodate frames up to 30" in width, and weighing up to approximately 25 lbs. For larger or heavier frames, simply add more brackets, giving you the ability to secure up to 40 lbs. per lineal foot when properly installed.

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