Improve security with easy to install picture hanging hardware from Frame Security Hardware!

If you own or operate a hotel, museum, hospital or large commercial building, you are sure to be in the market for a safe and secure method of protecting your artwork, framed photos and other framed accolades throughout your business. Below are just a few benefits of turning to the frame security picture hangers—for both your indoor and outdoor mounting and anti-theft framing needs.

Premium Anti-Theft Device

The frame security picture hangers come with the standard T-lock security hardware system. This means that you can do far more than just hang your artwork on the wall in a visually appealing manner—but that it will be 100% impossible for someone to walk up to any of your framed pieces and simply remove them from the wall. This is because our picture hanging hardware literally locks the picture frame in place—meaning that the only way the frame can be removed, is with the T-lock wrench.

Attract The Attention Of More Artists

If you are a business or building who likes to feature the work of local or global artists, the art that is lent to you for display will be your responsibility to keep safe and secure. In fact, many artists will send their work to you with a T-lock system already in place, or with the expectation that you will install T-lock security hanging hardware.

Keep in mind that the T-lock system will do more than protect artwork from theft, but will also ensure that it is securely mounted on the wall—or even the ceiling! This means that even if there is a disruption that would normally knock a picture frame off of the wall, that all of your framed work will stay put.

Fast And Easy To Install

This unique anti-theft system is fast and easy to install, and can be used to hang both wooden and aluminum frames. All you need to install your security picture hangers is a drill and level, and depending on where you are hanging your work, a ladder. The system comes with everything else you need—T-screws, frame brackets, drywall anchors, and the anti-theft T-lock wrench.

Our picture hanging hardware system is designed to accommodate frames up to 30" in width, and weighing up to approximately 25 lbs. For larger or heavier frames, simply add more brackets, giving you the ability to secure up to 40 lbs. per lineal foot when properly installed.

Order In Bulk Today

To meet the needs of our commercial clients, we are proud to sell our picture hanging hardware in bulk. Your order can be as small as 25 sets—and as large as 1,000 sets. Whether you are remodeling your hotel, unveiling a new office building, or simply updating your current security measures—our anti-theft T-lock system is a must!